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Kitulgala – White Water Rafting

Kitulgala – White Water Rafting

It takes approximately three hours from Negombo to reach the destination for white water rafting which is about 95 kilometers via Minuwangoda,, Ruwanwella to Kitulgala. After traveling a distance of 35 kilometers from Negombo you will come across the beautiful view of the hills on which rubber and pineapple plantations exist on either side of the road. Here you can have the opportunity of viewing the rubber manufacturing process on a large scale for exports. You may also watch how the workers obtain rubber by cutting the bark of rubber trees (which is an art of their own) and how rubber milk is collected into containers fixed on the rubber tree trunks. Thereafter 21 kilometers away from Ruwanwella you will travel along the Kelani River boarder from Ingiriyawatta until reaching Kitulgala.

Kitulgala is world renowned for white water rafting along the picturesque Kelani River and it is on this location where white water rafting can be done. There are five major rapids and four minor rapids that cover a distance of 05 kilometers along the river. Rafting will be a lifetime experience of an adventure for any lover of water sports.

Other than this you may engage in flat water rafting or go on hikes or do camping in the rain forest.  More activities are there, such as bird watching for nature lovers to see and study the  endemic  bird species, cycling tours uphill or downhill while watching the remote hamlets and getting to know the rural village lifestyle. Water fall trekking is another interesting activity where you will see the breathtaking view of the silvery waterfalls within the rainforest of Kitulgala.  Children can have a lot of fun playing in the safe branch  streams of the river. Another sight worth visiting is the pre-historic Belilena Cave where it is believed that ‘Balangoda man’ and the  homo sapiens lived centuries before.

It was at this location the Academy Award Winning movie “The Bride on the River Kwai” was filmed. Only remnants are left of the bridge which was exploded while the train was running on the bridge and the railway carriages were submerged in the Kelani River at Kitulgala.

Kitulgala  becomes very busy in the weekends with the crowds arriving  here for various picnic activities and to enjoy a delicious rice and curry meal !.

A visitor can enjoy one-and – half to two hours of White Water Rafting during a one-day tour.